Mother. Mom. Mami.


What’s in a name?


So rich, so much meaning.

So filled with love and compassion.

So warm, so embracing, so still.


Mom, carrying me in her womb.

Mom, hugging me as a little child.

Mom, making Arme Ritter for breakfast or lunch.

Mom, faithful and protective when facing my teenage pregnancy.

Mom, accepting my moving to the end of the world.

Mom, loving my children.

Mom, caring with joy for their wellbeing.

Mom, writing long letters, showing appreciation.

Mom, shedding tears at my suffering.

Mom, standing by with faithful strength, not needing an explanation.

Mom, joyful witness of my success.

Mom, crying bitter tears of separation.

Mom, fearing loneliness.


Trusting my care.

Calm and serene, facing the end.

Confident, knowing all is well, and will be, forever.

Mother. Mom. Mami.

I love you, always.  

6 thoughts on “Mother. Mom. Mami.

  1. Dear Anne – you made me cry. Memories of my mother. Did you write this for a recent loss? I am with you in your grief. I wish there is a re-connection in some form after death. I need to talk to my mother. Mutti. So much that wasn’t said during our lifetime. Hugs without Bugs!



    1. Dear Giselle. Thank you for your words. Yes, there are many questions that remain open. And yet… so many shared moments.
      Today is my mom’s 11th anniversary of passing. That day is always sweet/sad for me. I cared for her for the last year of her life until the end. The best year of my life, although not easy. But I wouldn’t want to miss a minute of it. Hugs to you too. Keep well.


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