Power to the little ones

Tad (6) and Elo (5) are playing.

They are coming to my room and ask me not to look at them, “You don’t know we are here, and you know why? It’s because we are invisible.”

I try to ignore them.

Tad, “We are on a mission.”


I am informed they need to steal important stuff (their own books) before they disappear to their secret mission. Arms full, they schlepp their load to the hallway.

Returning, they order, “Don’t look, you cannot see us.”

I avoid looking at them by concentrating on my laptop. I hear whispering, tiptoeing, and from the corner of my eye see them “stealing” more stuff.

They mill around the house, carrying loads too heavy for them up and down the stairs. Huffing and puffing, things slipping and falling. Serious work indeed.

A while later, they come back from their mission. This time, they extend greetings and allow me to see them.

Elo, “You know, I am a human-cat. That means I am a human and a cat at the same time. And I speak cat-language too.”

Me, “Impressive. What’s your name human-cat?”

Elo, grinning, “Lady.”

Me, “Oh, nice. Beautiful.”

Tad, frowning his brows, very serious, replies, “Don’t be fooled by that name. Be very careful. She is dangerous. She has radioactive powers and when she is upset, she’ll blow up a nuclear bomb.”

And out they go again to win the war against their sandbox world.

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