It’s time.

It’s time to get back in the saddle…

I’ve not written any story since a very long time. Call it writer’s block. Or, too many things going on in my life. My journal grew by some lines but remained quite meager in all of 2019 despite experiencing so many horrid events that I could have easily filled a 900-page book.
If I don’t want to dry up, I’ll have to write now. Today’s the day. Carpe diem.

Tropical winter is here with its crisp mornings. The cocks start their crowing competition while it’s still dark and I got up early to get the house going. Preparing breakfast gets interrupted every time I turn to the window. The view is amazing and a song of praise for the creator fills my soul. The sun has not yet risen behind the mountains, but the sky announces its imminent coming in the most amazing orange shades. Dark reds, saturated orange, and deep yellows. A silver streak here and there, interrupting the colors to illuminate a cloud. Haze still covers the valley and the trees stand black against the sky. My flowers on the terrace seem to await the first sunrays breaking through. As the light begins to brighten, dew glitters on their leaves. All is fresh and new.

I pour a coffee. A first sip. It’s so peaceful.

Until the grandkids come to the table.

“I don’t want egg,” says the little one.

“I want two,” says the other.

“Where are my shoes? Who saw my shoes?”

“My shoestring ripped!”

“Don’t spill the milk.”

“Ayyyeeeee, get a towel, the milk …spilled all over!”

”My bag, I cannot find my bag.”

“There’s a birthday party coming up, you’ll have to call Nathan’s parents.”

All talk at the same time, cacophony at 6 am, the usual morning chaos of four kids preparing for school. Forgotten the sunrise, the cock’s crowing, the flowers awaiting the sun. But it’s glorious, still.

By the time they storm out and leave, my coffee has gotten cold. I pour another. Fresh, steaming hot coffee, and lean back in my comfy chair with a sigh. Let this day begin -again. Second round of listening to the sounds of the morning. This time, the sun has long ago risen. The sky is bright and clear. A chain saw sings and workers hammer on a construction site nearby. Cars drive up the mountain. A workday has begun, and I smile. Content, because I am beyond that rat race. Retirement has its perks. Lingering in a comfy chair, coffee in hand, and savoring a quiet morning is only one of them.

This was the warmup.

Now back to work, translating a 275-page book for my friend. The other perk.

11 thoughts on “It’s time.

  1. Meine liebe Alte, Danke für diese Geschichte. Es ist eine leichte Erzählung, die dem Alltag eine angenehme, relaxte Unterbrechung bringt. Sehr schön 😍

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